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Zambia Operation
Our focus is on the manufacture & distribution of fertilizer, as well as commodities trading.

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 All you need to know about Superfert & FSG Zambia.

Superfert Zambia

Superfert Fertilizer is distributed across Zambia by Ferts, Seed & Grain (FSG), headquartered in Lusaka. Zambia is the most recent market addition for Superfert Fertilizer, and the foundations for solid growth in the country are in place.

Superfert Fertilizer is retailed through various third-party retailers across the country. The product is currently available in seven of the ten provinces in Zambia, and we expect to have countrywide coverage within the year.

FSG Zambia is a regular and reliable supplier of the main Government Fertilizer Input Support Program (FISP), as well as to the Zambian sugar industry. Our in-house agronomy team offer our larger customers hands-on technical support, ensuring that the blends they use help them to achieve the very best result possible.

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