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Our focus is on the manufacture & distribution of fertilizer, as well as commodities trading.

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 All you need to know about Superfert & FSG Malawi.

Superfert Malawi

Malawi Fertilizer Company (MFC) was incorporated in 1997 to manufacture and supply NPK fertilizers both for export and for use in the local Malawian agricultural sector. MFC became the first NPK fertilizer bulk-blending plant south of the Sahara andis currently one of only two locally operational blenders of NPK compounds in Malawi. Today, the MFC plant blends the Meridian group’s flagship fertilizer brand Superfert Fertilizer, which is also available across the region.

The primary recipients of Superfert Fertilizer from the MFC plant are the Meridian-owned Agora and Farmers World retail outlets which support our retail sales nationally. Aside from this retail business, we are a major supplier of NPK fertilizers and straights to the Malawi Government and various other organizations. Our core focus is on the large-scale supply of maize, tobacco, tea, soya, macadamia and sugar fertilizers, to name a few.

The MFC plant is strategically located in Liwonde, in the Southern region of Malawi, on the rail line linking it to the Port of Nacala in Mozambique. This direct linkage to the Nacala Port means that we are able to land raw materials from around the globeinNacala and then move on toefficiently move these materials in bulkdirectly to our factory where we have extensive warehousing facilities.

With an installed capacity of 150,000MT/annum, the MFC plant is well placed to satisfy over 50% of Malawi’s current compound fertilizer demands, as well as various export markets. The plant uses new blending technologies developed in the USA, enabling cost effective production of high quality finished products.

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