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At Savemart we live by our slogan, ‘Where smart shoppers save’, always striving to give the Malawian shopper the very best quality at the very best price.

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 All you need to know about Savemart Malawi.

Savemart Malawi

Established in 2017, Savemart is a brand extension of Farmers World Ltd. Taking advantage of the extensive Farmers World footprint, trusted Malawian brand name and purchasing power; Savemart goes beyond a basic commodity offering and fulfils market demand for a more complete range of grocery items in the hard to reach outlying areas.

Capitalizing on competitive pricing and distribution to remote areas, the Savemart brand is targeting 15 locations for immediate rollout in the 2017/18 season, with many more to come beyond that.

This network of stores also acts as a distribution network for the various products in the Meridian stable, including Superfert Fertilizer, Demeter Seed, Power Flour (maize meal), as well as Thanzi and Cristal salt (developed by Transalt in Malawi), along with a large stable of other trusted Malawian and international brands and products.

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