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Mozgrain has a keen focus on the origination, processing and trading of maize, pulses, oilseeds, and groundnuts.

We work with farmers across all of Mozambique and manage all of our logistics internally.

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 All you need to know about MozGrain Malawi.

MozGrain Mozambique

MozGrain is our recently launched commodities trading arm in Mozambique. We originate, process and sell a range of commodities domestically, as well as for export.  Our core focus is on maize, pulses (such as pigeon peas and green mung beans), oilseeds (eg.sesame seed and ground nuts), and beans (including soya, kidney beans and cashew nuts).

The MozGrain model provides last-mile connectivity for farmers and their produce. We originate commodities through a range of small-scale farmers, commercial farms, commodities dealers and agricultural collectives, we then go on to process the produce according to thebuyers’ requirements, and from here we handle the transport to the end buyers, via road and deep sea.

MozGrain is currently in process of commissioning a range ofmechanized cleaning and processing facilities to handle maize, pulses and sesame seed.

How we do it:

Our management team has combined experience of the commodities industry spanning several decades, allowing us to be fast, flexible, and extremely pragmatic in finding solutions to supplier requirements and buyer needs.

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  • +258 842 655 555
  • MozGrain Mozambique:
    1st Floor, Companhia do Pipeline Mozambique Zimbabwe (CPMZ Building)
    Av. Mártires da Revolução 1452
    Beira, Moçambique