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Power Flour
The GSL maize flour brand Power Flour is distributed country wide through the Meridian retail stores as well as third-party retailers.

Silo Facilities
Our silo complex in Lilongwe offers small-scale farmers the opportunity to safely fumigate and store their maize.

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Grains Securities Limited

GSL, through the Farmers World & Agora retail network, issues the farmer with a warehouse receipt for his harvested maize, as well as other major agricultural commodities such as soya beans, sugar beans, groundnuts and more.

Taking into account  the farmer himself may have no means of storing his own harvest, and weevil infestation can often lead to post-harvest losses in excess of 25%, this system enables him to “bank” any crop which is surplus to his immediate needs – it is delivered to GSL’s silos where it is cleaned, fumigated and stored either to be returned to the farmer if he chooses to redeem his warehouse receipt or, alternatively, the maize is purchased by GSL itself at the ruling price of the day, linked to regional market prices.

In another effort to create a value-added chain, GSL also invested in extensive silo capacity in Lilongwe to further facilitate its growing bulk agricultural commodity business. With our new investment in a large-scale maize mill, we are able to complete the input cycle from the provision of fertilizer and seed to the farmer to purchasing his crop at the farm gate, collecting, storing and, finally, processing to complete the food-chain.

On the milling side we have grown our capacity to mill maize flour which we distribute through our retail stores under the brand name, Power Flour. We are now looking to expand into producing grits and an extrusion plant giving us access to the snack foods and soya chunks market.

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