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 All you need to know about Agora Malawi.

Agora Malawi

The Agora network of retail depots services the southern region of Malawi. Agora was initially formed as a means of distributing fertilizers across the country. However, over the past 20 years, we have evolved to offer the farmer a broader range of products and services. Our core product lines include fertilizer, seed, chemicals, basic commodities, bicycles and hardware.

At Agora we do not only sell to the small-scale farmer but we also give these farmers’ the opportunity to sell their grain and legume produce to Agora at industry pricing and trade regulations set out by Government. The commodities we buy from these farmers are generally used to supply contracts with local grain processors orused for export customers.

This network of stores also acts as a distribution network for the products in the Meridian stable, including Superfert Fertilizer, Demeter Seed, Power Flour (maize meal), and Thanzi and Cristal salt (developed by Transalt in Malawi).

Beyond retail trade, Agora offers customers the following services:

  • The Makwacha mini-ATM cash withdrawal facility, which essentially introduced debit card technology into the rural areas of Malawi making cash accessible to people in 38 rural locations across Malawi.
  • An NGO cash collection service that allows NGOs to buy inputs from our depots and then go on to loan these inputs to farmers of their choosing. These farmers are then able to deposit their loan repayments directly at our shops after which the NGOs are given the option to collect the repayment.
  • A remote purchasing service gives customers the option to make a payment for their chosen products in the store closest to them, and then collection can occur at any one of the 38 Agora shops most convenient to the farmer.
  • Agricultural extension services through our Farm Services Unit, providing small-holder farmers with technical, practical farming and input advice to ensure the highest possible yields and return on investment.                   

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