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Zimbabwe Overview

Ferts, Seed & Grain (FSG) began its life as a commodities trading company and importer of fertilizer into Zimbabwe. Since then we have set up a blending plant of our own, manufacturing Superfert Fertilizer, and today we are the top-selling fertilizer in the country.

Superfert Zimbabwe

Located in Bindura and linked by rail to Beira Port, the Superfert factory operates 24/7 on continuous blenders supported by batch blenders. Our on-site laboratory performs batch testing on an hourly basis ensuring an exceptionally high quality product.

Ferts, Seeds and Grain Zimbabwe

Headquartered in Harare, FSG’s core focus is the supply of high quality fertilizer, seed, and grain to the agricultural community in Zimbabwe, including Government programs, NGO and commercial farms.

Retail and Distribution

Superfert is sold countrywide through well-established third party agri-retailers. Ample warehousing located in the North and South of the country ensure a constant supply of stock.