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Mozambique Overview

Our Mozambican fertilizer production plant is strategically located in Chimoio, on the main rail line to Zimbabwe and in the Beira corridor linking it to Malawi, making it well positioned for exports to adjacent countries.

Mozfert Mozambique

Drawing on the group’s long experience in bulk fertilizer blending, Mozfert produces NPK fertilizers to consistently high standards giving the country its first fertilizer supplier dedicated to the particular demands of the local market.

Superfert Mozambique

Superfert Fertilizer is produced at the Mozfert processing plant in Chimoio, our principal market is to supply the tobacco and sugar estates in Southern Mozambique.

MozGrain Mozambique

MozGrain is our commodities trading arm in Mozambique, originating, processing and selling a range of commodities domestically, as well as for export. Our core focus is on maize, pulses, oilseeds and ground nuts.

Transalt Mozambique

The 1,000 hectare Transalt salt farm is located a short distance from the Port of Nacala. Geographically it is the closest source of refined, iodized salt to Malawi. We produce both fine table salt and coarse salt and retail both across the region.

Ports Mozambique

The Group imports all raw materials from global producers into the ports of Nacala and Beira in Mozambique where we have large-scale warehousing facilities.