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Malawi Overview

The blending and distribution of fertilizer remains our core focus in Malawi. Over and above this business unit we also own over 100 retail depots across the country, produce and distribute our own seed brand, offer silo storage facilities to farmers, and also own a milling complex with the capacity to mill both straight run maize meal and roller meal.

Superfert Malawi

In Malawi we manufacture Superfert Fertilizer at the Malawi Fertilizer Company (MFC) processing plant in Liwonde. We supply various large farming industries including sugar, tobacco, tea and more.

Farmers World

Farmers World serves the central and northern regions of the country. These one-stop shops provide farmers with all their day-to-day needs and facilitate the two-way trade of various commodities.

Savemart Malawi

FW Savemart is a new line of stores currently being rolled out in the central and northern regions. These stores still offer customers everything they have come to expect from a Farmers World store but are also expanding in to a full FMCG offering.

Agora Malawi

Established over twenty years ago, Agora services the South of the country. Our main product line remains fertilizer, but we have expanded to offer groceries, hardware, agricultural inputs and Malawi's main form of transport - the bicycle.

Grains Securities Limited

Grain Securities Limited (GSL) is our Malawian commodities trading arm which has more recently expanded into the storage and milling of maize. The Power Flour range of roller and maize meal is milled at our facilities and retailed through our retail network countrywide.

Demeter Seed

Demeter Seed is our fully certified integrated seed company producing selected bean seed and hybrid & OPV maize seed on an 8000ha farm. Demeter Seed is distributed through our retail network as well as other reputable distributors.